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Jiangyin Dongchen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is able to provide customized turnkey projects management solutions and OEM services to cater for special requirements of clients. For many years, we have been dedicated to offering high quality steelmaking and continuous casting machine, steel fine finishing machinery at competitive price.

In general, our company aims for 100% customer satisfaction all the time. We will take into account a number of practical situations such as raw materials, production capability, and construction site tailoring our service to our users' needs. Our service ranges from the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation to commissioning of the whole projects.

In the construction phase of the project or equipment, our clients are allowed to send supervisors to check our manufacturing process. The transport, board and lodging of supervisors will be the responsibility of our company. Also, our professional technicians can be dispatched to train our clients to run these machines during the construction phase.

Our equipment will be delivered within the stipulated period in the contract. The warranty period is one year from the date of acceptance. And the easy-damaged parts and spare parts will be delivered upon the conventions of contract and Technology Attachment. All in all, we will strictly comply with the agreement and offer high quality full service at reliable price.

Dongchen after Sales Service Commitment
Our company is an enterprise coming with AAA credit rating certificate. Also, we are awarded with the excellent enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise. And Chenglong brand is rated as famous brand of Wuxi city. Steel fine finishing machinery is famous brand of Jiangsu province. With the above achievements and high grade credit, we solemnly promised to you here.

First of all, we have formed 13 enterprise standards. For instance, Q/320281AZN06-2009 is for φ12-φ50 steel fine finishing machinery. And Q/320281AZN09-2010 is for big steel bar finishing machine. In our company, we have built our own independent quality unit to strictly implement the German SN200 series standards. All production steps will be controlled which includes hot cutting, formation, welding, machining, painting, marking, testing and packaging, etc.

In the second place, after our product or equipment arrived at the contraction site, our technicians will guide you to install or help you install.

In the third place, we will give feedback within 24 hours from the arrival of fault notification. If major failure is emerged, we will come to construction site within three working days and cope with the failure timely.

Last but not least, we are obliged to maintain and replace those damaged parts caused by quality problems for free within the warranty period. If beyond the period, we will offer the spare parts list and quotation to you within three working days.

Main Products
  • Ladle TurretThe ladle turret is mounted at the reinforced concrete base. It is intended for receiving the molten steel provided by revolving furnace to transfer the ladles to and from the turret. This equipment supports the ladles and its hydraulic system with rotary arms will be incorporated to allow the ladles to be raised and lowered whilst maintaining a horizontal position...
  • Small Steel Bar Rolling Mill MachineSmall steel bar rolling mill machine includes heating furnace section, rolling section, cooling bed section, collection section.
    Heating furnace section mainly consists of continuous casting hot charging roller table, rotary roller table, elevator, hot charging roller table, cold-billet feeding table, billet weighing device...