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MAY 6-9, OTC 2013, Texas, USA
Date: 05.06-05.09.2013
Venue: Houston, Texas, USA
Booth No.: ARENA CENTER HALLD 9929-2

JUN 4-6, 17th Shanghai Metallurgy Expo, Shanghai, China
Date: 06.04-06.06.2013
Venue: Shanghai, China

JUN 16-18, 14th Guangzhou International Platemetal, Bar, Wire, Metal Processing & Setting Equipment Exhibition, China
Date: 06.16-06.18.2013
Venue: Guangzhou, China

JUN 25-28, 12th Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
Date: 06.25-06.28.2013
Venue: Moscow, Russia

OCT 1-4, KIOGE 2013, Almity, Kazakhstan
Date: 10.01-10.04.2013
Venue: Almity, Kazakastan

NOV 12-15, Metal-Expo 2013, Moscow, Russia
Date: 11.12-11.15.2013
Venue: Moscow, Russia

Main Products
  • Small Steel Bar Rolling Mill MachineSmall steel bar rolling mill machine includes heating furnace section, rolling section, cooling bed section, collection section.
    Heating furnace section mainly consists of continuous casting hot charging roller table, rotary roller table, elevator, hot charging roller table, cold-billet feeding table, billet weighing device...
  • Ladle TurretThe ladle turret is mounted at the reinforced concrete base. It is intended for receiving the molten steel provided by revolving furnace to transfer the ladles to and from the turret. This equipment supports the ladles and its hydraulic system with rotary arms will be incorporated to allow the ladles to be raised and lowered whilst maintaining a horizontal position...