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  • Cogeneration Plant in Steel IndustryIt is mainly constituted by the steam turbine and generator set system, circulated cooling water system, chemical water processing system, power utilization system, electric access system, dynamic control system, outdoor steam and water pipeline, outdoor water supply, drainage and fire prevention pipeline network of the power station.
  • Combined Cycle Power PlantThis product is featured by high generation efficiency, low cost and outstanding economic returns. At present, its generation efficiency exceeds 58% to the upmost and will increase further.
  • Sintering Cogeneration TechnologyWithout generating extra exhaust gas, waste residue, dust and other poisonous gases, this technology is efficient in improving the energy utilization in the sintering process.
Other Products
  • Ladle TurretThe ladle turret is mounted at the reinforced concrete base. It is intended for receiving the molten steel provided by revolving furnace to transfer the ladles to and from the turret. This equipment supports the ladles and its hydraulic system with rotary arms will be incorporated to allow the ladles to be raised and lowered whilst maintaining a horizontal position...
  • Big Steel Bar Rolling Mill MachineBig steel bar rolling mill machine mainly consists of heating furnace section, rolling section, grouped bench, saw section, cooling bed collection section.
    Heating furnace section includes hot charging roller table, elevator, cold-billet feeding table, billet weighing device, billet length measuring device, walking beam furnace...