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Mainly applied in the cement building materials, coal, power, metallurgy, iron and steel, chemical and other industries, the scraper reclaimer plays an important role in the pre-homogenization of the limestone, coal, iron ore and other auxiliary materials. In addition, the blending stacker reclaimer is generally constituted by the bridge type product and the side boom blending stacker, both of which are running at their tracks respectively. It stacks the materials in the herringbone distribution continuously and reclaims the materials with integral cross sections.

After blending, the physical and chemical properties of different materials are improved with small fluctuation on ingredients. Therefore, the production process and operation are simplified. With the improved technical and economic indicators, users will obtain optimal economic benefits.

Technical Parameters of Side Type Product with Side Boom Stacker
Density of the material (t/m3) Particle size of the material (mm) Moisture of the material (%) Stacking capacity (t/h) Reclaiming capacity (t/h) Track gauge of stacker A (m) Track gauge of reclaimer C (m) Cross sectional area (m2)
1.5 ≤80 ≤4 500 350 4 3.8 96
1.5 ≤80 ≤4 500 300 4 3.8 100
0.8 ≤40 ≤10 300 200 4 3.8 96
0.85 0-25 Humidity 10% 200 200 4 4 186.08
0.9 ≤50 ≤15 250 150 4 4 123.88
1.5 90%≤75 ≤8 400 250 4 4 152.36
1.42 ≤75 ≤12.4 1440 200 5 4 145.57
0.9 90%≤90 ≤15 450 250 4 4 210.43
1.4 ≤50 ≤5 1000 250 5 5 288.8

Product Classifications
1.Side Scraper Reclaimer
This product is mostly applied in stacking and reclaiming the sandstone, raw coal and other auxiliary bulk materials.

Boom length: 20m, reclaiming capacity: 250t/h, stacked material: coal Boom length: 18m, reclaiming capacity:
200t/h, stacked material: additive

2. Semi-portal Scraper Reclaimer
This type product is mainly used to stack and reclaim the iron slag, raw coal and other assistant bulk materials. With large reclaiming capacity, this space saving product makes the stockyard with affluent storage capacity. It is suitable for working in the large span stockyard where the machine needs to reclaim materials cross piles.

Track gauge: 21.5m, reclaiming capacity: 140 t/h, stacked material: clay Track gauge: 31.6m, reclaiming capacity: 600t/h, stacked material: coke Track gauge: 21m, reclaiming capacity: 150t/h, stacked material: addictive m

3. Portal Scraper Reclaimer

Track gauge: 33m, reclaiming capacity: 600t/h, stacked material: slag Track gauge: 49m, reclaiming capacity: 550t/h, stacked material: addictive Track gauge: 32m, reclaiming capacity: 400t/h, stacked material: flue gas desulfurization gypsum
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