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Power Section

As a part of downhole drilling motor converting hydraulic horsepower into mechanical horsepower, power section results in drill-bit rotation and mainly consists of rotor and stator. When assembled, the two components form a continuous seal along their contact points.

The rotor is an alloy steel bar coming with a helical or multi-lobed pattern. It may offer an axial bore and a nozzle to allow some of the drilling fluid to bypass the nozzle and the power section and increase the flow-rate to the bit. This rotor is chrome plated to reduce friction, wear and corrosion. As the other main part of the power section, the stator is a length of tubular steel lined with an elastomer compound which is blessed with a helical pattern to match with the rotor. It has one extra lobe than the rotor, which creates a cavity between the rotor and the stator. This cavity is full of the drilling fluid that can drive the rotation of the rotor.

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