Tube Cutting Machine

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Tube Cutting Machine

As a kind of tube processing equipment with high efficiency, our tube cutting machine is mainly used to cut or chamfer large diameter thick wall steel tube or pipe. It consists of tube lifting roller table, tube outlet lifting roller table, host machine, front and rear end hydraulic clamping device of host machine, housing, scrap collection device, hydraulic pumping station for cutting, lubrication station, electrical system, hydraulic system, etc.

Technical Parameters
No. Parameter Name Parameter Value Unit
1 Pipe Diameter D=500~1400 mm
2 Chamfering 5~10x45°
3 Pipe Wall Thickness δ=30~150 mm
4 Maximum Notch Width 18 mm
5 Pipe Movement Speed 0~20 m/min
6 Maximum Linear Cutting Speed 100 m/min
7 Pipe Length 6.5~12.5 m
8 Maximum Speed 120 r/min
9 Feed Rate or Speed 0.1 ;0.2 ;0.25 mm/ r
10 Main Cutting Motor (Variable Frequency and Speed Control) n=980 P=132 r/min kW

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