Shot Blasting Machine

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Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine adopts roller beds to convey round billet, square billet, and flat billet for continuous cleaning surface in cleaning chamber. As blast cleaning equipment special for steel products, it is designed for continuous cleaning the rusty spot, rust layer, welding slag, and oxidized surface to get a high gloss finish. This machine is composed of feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, roller bed conveyor, cleaning chamber, shot blasting unit, dust removal system, and pneumatic, hydraulic and electric control system, etc.

Technical Parameters

Surface Quality Prior to Shot Blasting hot-rolled material with casting skin and rusty spot (A/B)
Surface Quality after Shot Blasting A+B SA 2, 5
Surface Roughness after Shot Blasting Rz 23 ~ 28 = Rmax 33 ~42
Recommended Steel Grit Particle Size 0.8~ 1.0mm
Hardness 45~50 HRC
Air Pressure 6 bar
Signal to Noise Ratio 86~90dB (A) (without noise shield)
Max. 85dB (A) ( with noise shield )

Environmental Requirements
Dust Emission Concentration: ≤ 20mg/m3
Environmental Dust Concentration ≤ 5mg/ m3
Noise Level: Max. 85dB (A)

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