Metal Peeling Machine

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Metal Peeling Machine

Metal peeling machine offers high level of automation and high production efficiency. Apart from these features, it integrates mechanical, electric, hydraulic, lubrication technology into one system. This equipment is mainly used for continuous cutting of hot rolled steel bar and for removing surface defects like cracks in order to manufacture high precision steel products with high gloss finish. It has automatic control mode by PLC control system. Also, the mode can be set to manual. Additionally, this product is easy to manipulate, enjoying a growing recognition among our clients.

Technical Parameters

Bar Specification (mm) Bar Length (m) Cutting Depth (mm/times) Cutting Speed (m/min) Surface Roughness of Finished Product Total Installed Capacity (kw)
Φ6~Φ22 3~9 ≤1 1~30 Ra1.6~3.2 15~60
Φ20~Φ80 3~9 ≤2.5 1~20 Ra1.6~3.2 15~60
Φ80~Φ150 3~9 ≤3 1~20 Ra1.6~3.2 10~40
Φ150~Φ250 3~9 ≤5 1~15 Ra1.6~3.2 10~40
Φ200~Φ500 3~7 ≤5 1~10 Ra1.6~3.2 10~40

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