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Water Cooled Cover

Our water cooled cover is an innovative product developed by our company, mainly used in the field of metallurgy. Coming with a cone-type appearance, this product is featured with its high security and reliability. Also, it offers the following advantages of easy inspection and timely maintenance, long service life and energy saving, etc. Details are as follows.

1. Security and Reliability
The common water cooled cover is made of tubes in which there is high pressure water. Consequently, if there is any hole near the inside wall of furnace, the high pressure water will flow into the furnace and cause explosions or other accidents. However, our cooled cover eliminates the safety loophole, providing customers with high security and reliability. Mounted between double-layer plates, many sprinklers or nozzles spray the atomized cooling water to bottom plate. Even if the bottom plate has punched or cracked, the water will flow into the water collection groove along the bottom plate slope, then be sucked by the pump forcefully, and will not enter into the furnace through the crack or hole. The water sprayed on the plate comes with no pressure. Therefore, it is definitely safe and reliable.

2. Energy Saving
Our innovative cooled cover makes full use of water. Originally, its water consumption is 500 tons per hour, and now, our product just needs 350 tons. The bottom of this product is made of thick plate, allowing higher temperature than the original seamless steel tubes. As a result, less heat will be lost.

3. Long Service Life
Our furnace cover is manufactured from special steel. And all nozzles and water pipes are made of stainless steel. It is blessed with taper which is rigid and heat-resistant. In case of perforation or leakage, this detachable equipment can be taken out and be repaired by welding. Then, it can be put into use again. Consequently, our new design enables the lifespan of cover to extend at least three times, compared with the original design.

4. Easy Inspection and Timely Maintenance
Water inlet is controlled by valves and the amount of water is displayed by flowmeter.
Pressure gauge is incorporated into this cooled cover. Operators will know the cover usage condition only by periodically checking its detection instruments and indicating instruments. And if the temperature of effluent water was in an abnormal state or there is vapour generated, some appropriate measures should be taken instantly to avoid any bad effects.

DONGCHEN is an experienced water cooled cover manufacturer based in China. Our products include fluid system, steelmaking and continuous casting machine, steel fine finishing machinery, tungsten carbide bearing and much more.

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