Strip Steel Grinding Line

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Strip Steel Grinding Line

Our strip steel grinding line with a complete ancillary facility is characterized by its high energy efficiency, used for surface grinding, welding and reeling of hot rolled strip steel. A large variety of process is included like uncoiling, straightening, grinding, etc. It is reliable to manipulate.

Technical Data
Name Number of Grinding Heads (pcs) Billet Specification (mm) Billet Length (m) Feed Speed (m/min) Grinding Amount (mm / times) Surface Roughness of Finished Product Max. Linear Speed (m/min) Direction of Abrasive Wheel Total Installed Capacity (kw) Floor Area (m) ( length x width )
Strip Steel Grinding Line 2~10 (negotiable) Width:150x450 Thickness: 3~8mm 4 ~ 25 1~3 0.01~0.1 Ra3.2 50 90° 600 90x13

DONGCHEN is an experienced strip steel grinding line manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as steel slab grinding machine, plate turnover machine, steel wire rod rolling mill machine and heavy weight drill pipe.

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