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Steel Ingot Grinding Machine

Steel ingot grinding machine is intended for removing surface defects like scales on the surface of steel ingot and preparing high quality steel ingot for follow-up process. It consists of grinder, grinding car and many systems like lubrication system, hydraulic system or electric control system. Among this, grinder is able to realize the function of point grinding. It is applicable to a number of steel grades which include carbon tool steel, stainless steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, cold heading steel, and many more. In addition, using PLC, it has two control modes and they are manual mode and automatic mode.

Technical Data
Name Number of Grinding Heads (pcs) Billet Specification (mm) Billet Length (m) Feed Speed (m/min) Grinding Amount (mm / times) Surface Roughness of Finished Product Max. Linear Speed (m/min) Total Installed Capacity (kw) Floor Area (m) ( length x width )
Casting and Forging Grinding Machine 2 φ120 ~ φ450 3 ~10 0 ~ 10 Φ1 ~ 4 ≥Ra12.5 Main 80, Subsidiary 50 350 34x11
3 Φ240 ~ Φ600 2 ~ 3 0.15 ~ 6 Φ0.4 ~ 4 ≥Ra25 Main 80, Subsidiary 50 300 25x11
1 φ250 ~ φ750 3.8 0 ~ 12 Φ2 ~ 6 ≥Ra50 80 200 13.5x6.6
2 φ300 ~ φ750 1.5 ~ 3.3 0 ~ 10 Φ1 ~ 6 ≥Ra12.5 Main 80, Subsidiary 50 220 15x7.5
1 Φ700 ~ Φ1100 3.85 0 ~ 10 Φ2 ~ 6 ≥Ra50 80 230 15x7

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