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Tube Billet Finishing Line

With annual output of 25 ten thousand tons, our tube billet finishing line is designed for machining tubes including engineering tube, oil tube, high pressure boiler tube, high pressure fertilizer tube, etc. The tubes come with Φ60~Φ273mm outside diameter and 6 ~ 70mm wall thickness. And the cutting length ranges from 4 meters to 13 meters. Combining electric, hydraulic and lubrication technology, this equipment is made of shot blasting machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detection and abrasive wheel grinder, etc. The PLC control system is incorporated into this finishing line to realize the function of automatic control. What's more, the controller also can be set to manual mode.

Technical Parameters
Tube Specification (mm)  Cutting Length (m) Annual Output (Ten Thousand Tons) Steel Grade Remark
TubeO.D.Φ60 ~Φ 273, Wall Thickness 6~70 4~13 25 Engineering Tube, Oil Tube, High Pressure Boiler Tube, High-Pressure Fertilizer Pipe, Mechanical Tube, Fluid Pipe, Cylinder Tube, Hydraulic Prop Tube, etc.

DONGCHEN is a professional tube billet finishing line manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including software hardware automated procedure, transmission assembly, steel billet finishing line, and more.

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