Section Steel Rolling Mill Equipment

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Section Steel Rolling Mill Equipment

Our section steel rolling mill equipment is made of heating furnace, rolling machine, cooling bed, metal straightening machine, packing machine, etc. It integrates the electrical, hydraulic, and lubrication technology and adopts PLC control. And you can set it to manual and automatic control mode. Our machine is designed to produce plain carbon steel such as angle steel, channel steel and H shaped steel, etc. What's more, the optimized design is offered according to clients' requirements and specific situations.

Rolling Specification(mm) Cutting Length(m) Annual Output(Ten Thousand Tons) Steel Grade Remark
Angel Steel 2.5#~7# 6~9 40 Plain Carbon Steel Palletizing Specification 650x650mm
Channel Steel 8~40c, Unequilateral Angle Steel 2.5/1.6~8/5, Equilateral Angle Steel 2#~7#, Flange Beam10~22a, All Kinds of Square Steel and Flat Steel 4~12 60 Plain Carbon Steel
H-shaped Steel 100~400 6~12 75 Plain Carbon Steel

As a professional section steel rolling mill equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer metal chamfering machine, undish car, steel wire rod rolling mill machine, precision grinding equipment and much more.

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