Steel Wire Rod Rolling Mill Machine

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Steel Wire Rod Rolling Mill Machine

Technical Data

Wire Rod Specification (mm) Coil Diameter (mm) Coil Weight (kg) Annual Output (Ten Thousand Tons) Steel Grade
Round Steel, Threaded Steel Φ5 ~ Φ25 Φ1250/Φ850 ~2500 60 Carbon Structural Steel, Quality Carbon Structural Steel, Alloy Structural Steel

Technical Instructions
1. Steel wire rod rolling mill machine consists of a series of equipment which include heating furnace section, rolling section, outside diameter measuring device, water cooling, laying head, air cooling line, coil core frame lifting and receiving coil system, coil core frame system, tilting coil stripping hanger system, PF conveying system, hold-down bundling machine, coil weighing device, coil stripping station, etc.
2. We are able to offer you this rolling mill machine with the most optimized design according to your requirements as well as the concrete specification.

As a specialized steel wire rod rolling mill machine manufacturer in China, DONGCHEN also offers tungsten carbide bearing, water cooled cover, section steel rolling mill equipment, steel slab grinding machine and more.

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