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  • Ladle TurretThe ladle turret is mounted at the reinforced concrete base. It is intended for receiving the molten steel provided by revolving furnace to transfer the ladles to and from the turret. This equipment supports the ladles and its hydraulic system with rotary arms will be incorporated to allow the ladles to be raised and lowered whilst maintaining a horizontal position...
  • Tundish CarTundish car adopts the half suspended design, mounted at the main operating platform. It is hydraulic powered and is used to support and convey the tundish for casting or heating. This product offers the function of weight measurement to allow the weight of molten steel to be continuously monitored. Also, this car has the high performance facility synchronization due to its two cylinders hydraulic system...
  • Withdrawal Straightening UnitWithdrawal straightening unit is used to deliver the dummy bar to crystallizer prior to casting, and perform the delivery of dummy ingot, separation and straightening of billets whilst casting. Also, it offers the dynamics of continuous steel-pull during casting process. Using our equipment enables the sheet to cause simultaneously lateral deformation and longitudinal deformation...
  • Hydraulic Walking Beam Cooling UnitHydraulic walking beam cooling unit is important and necessary equipment of bar production line. Its main function is to bear, cool and straighten the rolled products with high temperature. This kind of equipment eliminates the defects of other kinds of cooling bed. It is able to guarantee the temperature and straightness of casting billets and prevent the hot rolled billets from the formation...
  • Continuous Casting CrystallizerContinuous casting crystallizer is a tank container and it is used to complete the initial solidification of liquid steel and formation of casting billets. It can ensure the cross sectional dimensions and enough shell thickness of casting billets. This equipment uses the structure of copper pipe. The upper end of pipe is sealed by the cap at the top...
  • Continuous Casting Mould Oscillation UnitOur continuous casting mould oscillation unit is designed to support crystallizer and make it move up and down. Or rather, according to the given amplitude, frequency and waveform characteristics, this equipment enables the crystallizer to be driven with sinusoidal or non sinusoidal motion along the radius of continuous casting machine...
Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Machine

Our steelmaking and continuous casting machine mainly consists of cooling bed section and transmission mechanism. This continuous casting machine is designed to convey bar from feeding mechanism to discharging mechanism. Meanwhile, straightness and flatness can be assured.

Technical Parameters
Specifications(mm) Steel Grade
Square and Round Billet: Max. □300x340 and Max. Φ500 Carbon Structure Steel, Quality Carbon Structure Steel, Alloy Structure Steel, Gear Steel, Spring Steel, Bearing Steel, Anchor Chain Steel, Tubular Billet Steel and Cold Heading Steel, etc.
Small Square Billet: Max. □200x200
Big Square Billet: Max. □390x470
Cylindrical Billet: Max.Φ1000
Slab: Max. Thickness 400
Width 2300
Length 4000
Special Plate, Structural Plate, Stainless Plate, Boiler Vessel Plate, Ship Building Plate

The cooling bed section includes cooling bed, entry roller table, aligning roller bed, discharging mechanism, exit roller table, etc. Rolled bar is carried by entry roller table to cooling bed, and then conveyed by hydraulic walking beam cooling unit to discharging mechanism. Aligning roller bed is mounted at one side near the exit of cooling bed in order to align the bar ends. At this time, the bar will be conveyed to exit roller table by discharging mechanism.

As the other component of this casting machine, transmission mechanism involves main motors, reduction gears, long axles, and eccentric wheel. Two transmission axles are installed in the parallel direction of cooling bed and two groups of motors are mounted in the vertical direction. Through the reduction gears, every group of motors passes power to the transmission axles. And the eccentric wheel will be driven. To reduce errors during installation and processing, a device called tooth coupling is used to connect the long axles.

As a professional steelmaking and continuous casting machine manufacturer in China, we provide not only steelmaking and continuous casting machine, but also big steel bar rolling mill machine and steel ingot grinding machine.

Other Products
  • Small Steel Bar Rolling Mill MachineSmall steel bar rolling mill machine includes heating furnace section, rolling section, cooling bed section, collection section.
    Heating furnace section mainly consists of continuous casting hot charging roller table, rotary roller table, elevator, hot charging roller table, cold-billet feeding table, billet weighing device...
  • Big Steel Bar Finishing MachineWith annual output of 20- 35 ten thousand tons, our big steel bar finishing machine is ideal for final inspection of rolled steel products with 2 ~ 12 meters in length before delivery. It can sort out and deal with those goods which are not up to standard. Namely, if any item of the aspects including internal and external defects, straightness, weight and appearance does not fit delivery status, the goods will be singled out...