Continuous Casting Mould Oscillation Unit

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Our continuous casting mould oscillation unit is designed to support crystallizer and make it move up and down. Or rather, according to the given amplitude, frequency and waveform characteristics, this equipment enables the crystallizer to be driven with sinusoidal or non sinusoidal motion along the radius of continuous casting machine. It is installed under the main operating platform, making casting billets easier to demould and reduce resistance whilst throwing. Therefore, the billet surface quality can be well assured. This unit is also used to improve oscillation stability. The lateral deviation of oscillation will be correspondingly reduced. The crystallizer placed on the easy-to-use oscillation unit can realize high speed and high precision positioning. In addition, the bearing capacity of our product can meet the requirements of crystallizer with external magnetic stirrer.

DONGCHEN is a professional continuous casting mould oscillation unit manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including continuous casting exchange segment, small steel bar rolling mill machine, water cooled cover and more.

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