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Continuous casting crystallizer is a tank container and it is used to complete the initial solidification of liquid steel and formation of casting billets. It can ensure the cross sectional dimensions and enough shell thickness of casting billets. This equipment uses the structure of copper pipe. The upper end of pipe is sealed by the cap at the top. And the lower end uses the way of side seal. The casting crystallizer is equipped with stainless steel water jacket cover that is durable and sturdy. It can be mounted at the upper part of vibration device and main operating platform. Our product can be also placed on the magnetic stirrer to improve the performance of casting billets and obtain better billets. In addition, a measurement device is available. Therefore, through this container, we can continuously monitor the molten steel level.

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  • Tundish CarTundish car adopts the half suspended design, mounted at the main operating platform. It is hydraulic powered and is used to support and convey the tundish for casting or heating. This product offers the function of weight measurement to allow the weight of molten steel to be continuously monitored. Also, this car has the high performance facility synchronization due to its two cylinders hydraulic system...